Training and Consulting

Individualized strength building programs
Competition “hacks” – the key to the last 5%
Supplement advice
Meet “peaking” programs/advice
Post-surgery rehab


3 monolifts
3 competition benches
2 deadlift platforms, one with built-in band pegs
boxes, bands, chains
11 different kinds of bars
Mastodon, Texas squat/bench/deadlift, Oki deadlift, Safety squat, Cambered, Duffalo, Spider, curl/tricep, fat
600+ kg of calibrated plates
3000+ pounds of training weights
Dumbbells to 150s
shoulder, leg curl, abductor, GHR, RH, leg press, belt squat, low lat pull, high pully, bicep/tricep
Prowler, sled and a large paved parking lot out back
300 watt stereo what will vibrate the walls for PR attempts
And, the best ab exercise ever: a $9.99 Walmart Ab-Wheel